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About Us

CSI delivers a vast variety of high-end cleaning services for private, business and office clients. We have serious experience and we were able to develop serious relation between us and our constantly growing number of satisfied customers. That close bond we build with our customers, the high-quality of services and affordable pricing are in the basics of our quick success.

We have widened our list of professional cleaning services and now we proudly present a variety of top-class cleaning services like regular domestic/office cleaning, vacuuming and steam cleaning of carpets, cleaning and washing of windows and much more.

We are picking our employees with care and each of them is reliable and skillful. They are typical example of trained and diligent cleaners because of that we are sure you will get the service you need in a professional manner. CSI offers professional cleaning services for work areas and household properties. Among our top preferred services are bi-weekly domestic cleaning, carpet cleaning, thorough end of tenancy cleaning and cleaning of various types floors.

In the busy day-to-day routine you have the chance to get some more spare time by using our professional cleaning services. CSI is offering occasional discount rates and for our regular clients we take a step beyond with providing them with even bigger discount rates. Whether, if they are commercial or domestic cleanings we are taking great care for each of them.

The services we provide are insured with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our goal is the satisfaction of the clients with the quality of the services we provide, and we are always at your disposal for your feedback opinion to help us enhance the level of satisfaction.

It saves energy and time and expenses to purchase several services from different providers and at the same time you do not have to bother about getting the job done.

Take a look of some advantages available for you as our client:

  • Reliable cleaning provider with serious background in sector.
  • We stand behind every our act, unlike some other service providers on market.
  • Trained, checked and devoted cleaning specialists.
  • Uniformed with CSI distinctive clothing and with irreproachable appearance and attitude.
  • You can be sure that you will get the one and the same cleaners at every visit.
  • Equivalent substitute cleaners in case of holidays, sickness, etc.
  • Safe key holding. In case you have to leave your keys, our cleaners are trained in that procedure as well. If your keys got lost by any means, we will take the expenses for making new ones.
  • You are charged only for the services you are using. No extra expenses or hidden taxes, only an hourly rate arranged before the work starts.
  • You are free to choose the most convenient payment method.
  • Minimum duration free agreement. The only thing we want is notice in advance.
  • We are top-professionals and we can deliver personalized care for every customer.
  • CSI is a recognizable brand in the cleaning services business.
  • Always helpful support center with high-level of professionalism. They are very-well prepared and at your disposal 24-hours, 7-days per week.

How our Employees are chosen and checked

Don’t think because in other agencies is easy to start as a cleaner here at CSI is simple as that! We have a strict HR department which only the best of the candidates. Each of them is passionate, exceptionally motivated and they are getting the best wages in branch. Every candidate who wants to become a part of our CSI family is going through the steps written below before starting to work with customers

  • Checking of passport or ID card.
  • Ongoing work permit to work in country.
  • Valid current and past address.
  • References from former place of work.
  • Personal interview led by CSI HR department representative.
  • When approved, every candidate is included in our comprehensive training program.
  • The candidates are under the constant watch of our team leader until the training is completed.
  • Examination of the practical skills obtained for every cleaner.

When the managers are 100% fulfilled with their production, we let them operate with customers and they are frequently checked about the quality of the services implemented.

Administration of the process

When you decide you are in need of our professional help, just give us a call and our employees will arrange everything. In case you have some demands of your own and you want to discuss them with somebody face-to-face, tell us and we will send some of our technicians to visit. Talk with them and they will be able to help and consult you. That means it is important for us to realize your exact needs and pick the ideal cleaner just for you, for your titular cleaner or as a substitute in future if you need. You will have personal profile manager that will take care about your requests and will be at your disposal every time when you need him/her.

Your regular cleaner

CSI checking process is performed with care to make sure that a cleaner will be for a period of time with you for good. Each of our employees is passionate and gets the best salary in sector. The cleaners are precisely arranged to spend enough time at customers’ property to perform the job properly.

A service you can rely on

If by some chance we are not able to get you a substitute cleaner when you want one, and you skip a week without service, you can request a discount.

High-class service

CSI cleaning staff is comprehensively trained according to the high-standards in business, so you will get a professionally performed cleaning with immaculate results. The cleaners are prepared, motivated and devoted. You can trust on our reliable and trained personnel.

Quality with 100% guarantee

If you are not comfortable with the performance of our cleaners, just call us and we will send them back to clean immediately without extra fee. The job will be completed when you are 100% satisfied.

Professional training program

We are very responsible with the training and preparation procedures of our employees. Each person of our staff is trained under the monitoring of experienced technicians. The technicians are constantly developing the methods and keeping the standards high.

You will be delighted from our services since day one!

We are qualified

We will handle your items and belongings with great caution, but you have to know that insured against breaking or losing stuff during the cleaning of your property.

How to stop using our services

The agreement is valid as long you need it. You can walk-out at any time, just send us a notice a month in advance.

Expenses control and savings

With using our services you can be absolutely confident that you will receive a serious service with real value for money. With no doubt the CSI services are at most competitive rates on market.

Payment methods

We work with all types of cheques, credit cards and cash. It is up to you to decide how often you will pay – on a monthly, weekly or quarterly basis. Our service and payment policy is transparent and you do not have to worry about hidden charges. Please note that you have to provide the cleaning agents and equipment, as option we can deliver all needed and extra fee may apply. The staff that will arrive in your property will be carefully selected according to your exact requirements. The replacement can be arranged in case of holiday illness or if you just want to. We will do whatever it takes to make you sure that any time when you need our services we will be there for you.

Our Islington positioned customer support friendly and waiting for your call. You can get in touch with CSI any time you want 24/7!