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Same Day Bathroom Cleaning Service from CSI

Did you know that 26% of baths and showers play host to harmful bacteria, and your toothbrush holder has the most germs? Use our bathroom cleaning service regularly to eradicate all these microbes with ease! We’ll de-lime and de-scale all fixtures and fittings using carefully selected, eco-friendly cleaning solutions, and remove all grime with non-caustic products.

Bathroom Cleaners Striving to Meet Your Expectations

Your bathroom cleaners will work through a detailed checklist to ensure that nothing is missed. This’ll include cleaning doors, light switches, baths, showers, taps, and sinks. We’ll disinfect toilets and bidets, and wash tiles and grout. Mirrors and cabinets will be polished, and floors mopped. Your bathroom will be left completely sanitary, and spotlessly clean!

Vetted Professionals via CSI

When a technician from CSI comes to call you’ll be assured of a first class bathroom cleaning experience! Your opinion always matters so we ensure you’ll get:

  • Quality control checks: supervisors regularly inspect the standards of workmanship to make sure they never slip
  • A bathroom deep clean: even the insides of your cabinets will be taken care of
  • Flexible bookings: short notice appointments available on request
  • Industry approved equipment: modern techniques and detergents are a priority

Book Hourly Based Bathroom Cleaning

Get in touch with us today and book a comprehensive bathroom cleaning service that gives you real results! Call 020 3404 0991 at any time and let us know exactly how we can help.