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Enjoy Premium Curtain Cleaning from CSI

Enjoy professional curtain cleaning from a team of fully qualified technicians who’ll carry out your service on-site! We’ll use modern equipment that allows cleaning of your curtains to be performed whilst they’re hanging in place – and great care will be taken to ensure the right cleaning method is chosen for the fabric type. Regular cleaning will preserve the true colours of your curtains, and leave them fresh and spotless.

Options for Drapes Cleaning

There are two processes that your trained technician will choose from for your drapes cleaning service. This will be either steam cleaning, where a powerful machine will inject a hot water and detergent mix into the fibres, and extract all dirt and pollutants with most of the moisture. Or a dry cleaning method, which is most suitable for delicate materials that may shrink if exposed to water. In both cases pre-testing and pre-treating of stains will be carried out, and deodorising will be available upon request.

CSI Cares

Curtain cleaners from CSI are trained to provide the finest care for your belongings – you’ll get thorough inspections and after-care advice all included! Take advantage of our…

  • Equipment and detergents: all professional and industry approved
  • Customer support: available 24/7 by phone
  • Company policy: eco-friendly products ensure your health and safety
  • Qualified technicians: all certified by a leading UK supplier working for a fully insured service provider

Book A Highly Rated Curtain Cleaning Service

Many of our customers highly recommend our curtain cleaning service time and time again. Want to join our happy family? Call 020 3404 0991 round-the-clock to arrange a curtain cleaning service at a time that suits you!