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Modern Mattress Cleaning Techniques by CSI

Microscopic organisms feed on dead human skin cells, and the average bed contains millions of them! Our fight against dust mites incorporates mattress cleaning that’s all-natural, dry, and free of chemicals. This modern procedure removes and destroys bacteria, mites, and spores found within your mattress, so our service is suitable for any establishment with beds.

CSI Uses Innovative Equipment

CSI will send you a technician qualified in mattress cleaning – read more about the benefits that come with using a dry mattress sanitising procedure below:

  • No set-up time needed: and only approximately 15 minutes taken to complete the service
  • Colour safe: no bleaching agents used, and so suitable for all types of mattresses and pillows
  • Residual effects: for 72 hours afterwards the allergens continue to be destroyed
  • No drying times: there’s no moisture to penetrate the mattress

Up-to-Date Mattress Cleaning

Book our modern and effective mattress cleaning service at any time of the day or night – our customer care advisers are waiting to hear from you! Call 020 3404 0991 now to schedule an appointment at a time that suits you.