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Call CSI for Personalised One Off Cleaning

If you don’t have the time or the energy to carry out a top to bottom clean of your property, let our one off cleaning team do it for you! This service comes without any further obligation – it’s hourly based and we’ll do as much as possible within the allocated time. For your added convenience, if you can’t be in during your appointment we’ll offer a key pick-up and delivery service upon request.

One Off Cleaners Working with You

Simply prioritise a list of areas you want cleaning, and our one off cleaners will follow it to the letter! It’s important that you book the time needed for us to get the jobs done – you’ll be able to get help and advice when you call. You’ll get a service that provides professional vacuuming, mopping, dusting, polishing, appliance cleaning, and more! Other tasks such as ironing and laundry can also be included as long as there’s enough time.

CSI – The Team to Trust

Not only are CSI an insured service provider, but we also guarantee a consistently high standard of service – quality control checked ongoing by supervisors! We’ve got…

  • An expert team: highly trained in all aspects of cleaning tasks
  • Professional equipment: eco-friendly detergents and powerful machinery
  • A 24/7 customer support network: get a quote and make a booking day or night
  • Property inspections: we’ll ensure we strive to meet your expectations

Connect With Us for Exemplary One Off Cleaning

Our advisers are available to you ongoing by simply calling 020 3404 0991. Ask for recommendations for job times, and then make your booking for an excellent one off cleaning session quickly and easily.