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CSI Uses Sofa Cleaning Professionals

Whatever material your settee is made from we’ve got the sofa cleaning solution for it! Suede, leather, or fabric, your technician will know how to treat the fibres to keep them safe, and restore your piece to its former glory. All cleaning and treatment products are approved by leading finish manufacturers, so you’ll always get excellent results.

Only Professionals Will Undertake Your Settee Cleaning

Only tried and tested settee cleaning methods will be carried out by your sofa cleaning specialist! After inspecting the upholstery your technician will opt for…

Dry cleaning for materials like suede, velvet, and delicate materials which cannot be treated with water. Powerful liquid solvents are applied under pressure, and taken back into the machine with any ingrained dirt.

Foam leather cleaning for leather upholstery that needs careful applications of stain remover, cleaner, and rejuvenator. All dirt will be absorbed and removed before the cleaned result is locked in with a protective layer.

Steam cleaning for everyday synthetics and wool fibres that can withstand hot water injection and extraction methods, removing all bacteria and grime from deep within.

More About CSI

CSI are highly rated by almost all of our customers! Your technician will drive a branded vehicle, wear a smart uniform, and carry ID. When you hire us you’ll also get…

  • Pre-treatment of stains: all included in your comprehensive service
  • Free advice: your specialist will guide you through ongoing maintenance practises
  • Service suitability: moving in, moving out, spring cleaning, for domestic and commercial properties too

Hassle-Free Sofa Cleaning

When you don’t have the time, the energy, or the tools to get the job done, simply call 020 3404 0991 to get our sofa cleaning professional to do it for you! We’re here 24/7 for help, advice, and support.